Driven by innovation

How it started

North Dakota Farm to Robotic Arm

Jack Schorsh grew up on a family farm in North Dakota, USA. As a child, Jack spent time fixing defunct agricultural equipment (fun) and lugging hay bales (less so).

It was the latter that made him see how automation might be a force for good and Jack was inspired to enter the field of bionics and advanced prosthetics.


The Speed Reducer Problem

Jack’s quest to create mechanisms to boost human strength was thwarted by one problem: actuators, also known as speed reducers. These critical components, which transform rotational movement into useful torque, have been driving countless innovations for centuries. But developments in gear technology have stagnated and even the best custom actuators fail to match the power-to-volume ratio of the human body.

“Jack Schorsh grew up on a family farm in North Dakota, USA. As a child, Jack spent time fixing defunct agricultural equipment (fun) and lugging hay bales (less so).”

Robotics is not just software. It’s also the steel, the nuts and bolts, the hardware. Our founder Jack Schorsch and co-founder Thibaud Verschoor talk about why we are proud to be building a new foundation for robotics.

Our mission

Eureka! And YES!Delft 

Jack’s frustration with inadequate actuators was the spark for his invention of the Archimedes Drive –  a toothless gearbox which offers huge accuracy and efficiency advantages. The technology became the subject of an entrepreneurship program at YES!Delft, where the founding team was formed. In June 2016, IMSystems was officially born.


Archimedes Drive and the Robotic Revolution

Today based in robotics incubator, Robovalley, the growing team is gearing up for the manufacture of Archimedes Drive. This revolutionary new technology which will be crucial for high precision next generation robots, as well as many more mechatronic applications.


Founding Four

Jack Schorsch

Founder | CEO

[expand title=”The inventor”]I founded IMSystems for one reason – to make a quantum leap forward in actuator technologies, but the interesting part of the story is how I got to this point, and for that I should tell you a little bit about myself.[/expand]


Rory Deen

Co-Founder | CFO

[expand title=”Money man”]After my internships I went back to the VU University to obtain my master degree in Finance, in which I focused on finance for new ventures. Near the end of my master, when I was thinking about my next career move, I realized that I would very much like to be involved in high-tech innovation. Why? Read more![/expand]

Matthew Corvers

Co-Founder | COO

[expand title=”The stunt man”]In contrast to the other founders of the company I did not know from a young age that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I was always interested in technology and dreamed to contribute to the development of innovative products. Since I was especially fascinated by space I started my bachelor’s in aerospace engineering. Want to know how that changed? Read more![/expand]

Thibaud Verschoor

Co-Founder | CCO

[expand title=”Muscle man”]My drive to be on the forefront of innovation has led me to co-found IMSystems. I have a love for technology and believe that new innovations can drastically alter our world for the better. Prior to IMSystems I gained experience in mutiple fields, which have helped me grow to my current position. Throughout my upbringing I lived around world, coming into contact with different cultures. Want to know which cultures? Read more![/expand]

Technical Wizards

Alfons Schure

Lead Engineer

[expand title=”The chief”]Since I was six years old, I wanted to become Gyro Gearloose (NL: Willie Wortel, IT: Archimede Pitagorico), the inventor from the Donald Duck stories. That love of creating smart devices and robots never vanished. I consider myself lucky to be part of the IMSystems team since October 2016 – being able to turn my hobby into my career. Read more about Gyro Gearloose![/expand]

Job Neven

Mechanical Engineer

[expand title=”The magician”]As long as I remember I have been fascinated by technology, in particular by Mechanical Systems. In my childhood, I could spend hours standing next to machines, while trying to figure out how they would work. Of course I tried to build my own machines with wood and Legos. Want to know what else I did? Read more![/expand]

Oussama El Echi

Intern Mechanical Engineer

[expand title=”Handyman”]I am Oussama, I was born in a small city in north of Tunisia called Menzel Bouzelfa. I have been passionate about travelling and volunteering since an early age. I worked as a volunteer with multiple childhood associations for almost twelve years, as an animator, team builder, coach and camp director. Want to know how I get here? Read more![/expand]

Sibren Allard

Software Developer

[expand title=”Programmer”]I am Sibren Allard, one of the newest employees at IMSystems. Currently, I am studying at the Delft University of Technology following the master track Bio-Mechanical Design. Want to know why I’m at IMSystems? Read more![/expand]

John Tan

Mechanical Design Engineer

[expand title=”The Artist”][/expand]

Matthijs Koornneef

Mechanical R&D Engineer

[expand title=”The Wizard&Artist”][/expand]

Mahir Sabanoglu

Intern Flexroller Engineer

[expand title=”Specialist”][/expand]

Brand Warriors

Casper van Eersel

Marketing Manager

[expand title=”Seller and sailor”]After high school, I joined the military police. Left there after a year of hard mental and physical training, being a team player and leader. I really enjoyed this army program, but did not enjoy the prospect of checking passports at the airport for the upcoming years. Want to know how I became Marketing Manager? Read more![/expand]




Do you want to be part of this list?

[expand title=”About You”]”Hi, I am You. Yes, really. I just want to be part of an invention with such potential, it is capable of changing the world of robotics. I’m motivated, skilled and willing to work in a small and enthusiastic team. Read more about You![/expand]