Casper van Eersel


“By only doing things I did aspire to, I followed a path no one could ever figure out for me.”

I’m Casper (27), living in the city of The Hague. Employed at IMSystems since January 2017.  Raised in Dordrecht (NL) and with parents which worked both in the health care sector, my interests were mainly sports: sailing, tennis, fitness, etc. Technical innovations, business, economics and management where things which never crossed my mind.


After high school, I joined the military police. Left there after a year of hard mental and physical training, being a team player and leader. I really enjoyed this army program, but did not enjoy the prospect of checking passports at the airport for the upcoming years.


I volunteered as a sailing instructor, improving my leadership and didactic skills even further. One year later they offered me a job as assistant manager of that sailing school with a small commercial harbour and yet another year later the founder of the company appointed me as one of the project managers to build a new harbour which would more than double the revenue of the company. In less than half a year later, the harbour was finished and results where above expectations.


I wanted to know more about working at a big corporate, so I decided to apply for a job as assistant manager of a target- and -productivity based retail supermarket. Accepted for that function, I followed an internal retail management program. Successfully finished the program but one month later I was asked to come back to the sailing school. With new energy and knowledge I continued my career at the sailing school. Three years later I joined IMSystems.

How did I get here? My technical interest started when building my own UAV’s (drones) for photographic purposes. I asked Matthew, one of the co-founders, if it was possible to visit the company for a few days. I started with a promise to the rest of the team: “I’m going to make your life easier, so you can build up the company and develop the Archimedes Drive, I’ll take care of the rest.”


Implementing easy to use administrations, building tools to track stocks and hours, creating a workable and clear workshop were a few things I started with. For the upcoming years, my ambition is to contribute in the development of IMSystems by focusing on facility and managing all kinds of operational processes. Next to that, I’m busy developing myself into a marketer and communications manager. To achieve that, I use my main skill I’ve used my entire life. Learning, from my own chosen teachers, what’s necessary. In my spare time, I’m also studying Management Sciences at the Open University.


I strongly believe that we, at IMSystems, can achieve a better, more fair world with room for ground breaking innovations.

-Casper van Eersel-

marketing manager, Innovative Mechatronic Systems

When I left high school at the age of 16 to join the military police, I’d never expected to be ever part from such a high-tech high potential start-up as IMSystems.

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