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Tailor made for applications which require high precision in combination with high speed operations.


Incredabily stiff

Low starting and back-drive torque

True zero backlash

Inherent over-torque protection

High speeds

Quiet and efficient (>90%) 


The DELTA-250 is specifically designed to provide extremely high positioning accuracy during high dynamic cyclic operation. This 250Nm drive unit offers best-in-class precision due to its inherent zero-backlash and extremely high torsional rigidity.

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Specification Unit Figure
Average Torque Nm 125
Repeated Torque Nm 250
Peak Torque Nm 300
Starting Torque Ncm 8
Average input speed rpm 3500
Maximum input speed rpm 8000
Standard accuracy arc min 0.2
Efficiency % 90
Output rotation deg. 290
Reduction ratio [-] 35
Diameter mm 120
Length mm 165
Mass kg 2
Torsional stiffness Nm/rad 40000

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The Archimedes Drive has been specifically designed to increase the capabilities of factory automation equipment and to open up new design opportunities for a multitude of new applications. 

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