Introducing the Archimedes Drive Development Kit

The development kit is built from the ground up to provide a highly accurate, exceptionally stiff drivetrain for robotic & mechatronic applications. Building around the inherently zero-backlash Archimedes Drive technology, the kit includes a robust main support bearings and a high-resolution encoder. 

Setting the New Standard:

Extreme Accuracy

Relying on rolling traction rather than gear teeth removes play in the system, greatly improving accuracy by eliminating backlash.

Unparalleled efficiency

The inherent rolling characteristics of the core components resembles that of a bearing, resulting in low internal friction.  


If overloaded, it acts as a friction break until the torque returns to the operating regime, making the drive less prone to critical failure  

Standard Accuracy

Achieve best-in-class accuracy by having an inherently stiff-design with zero backlash.

1 %

 High efficiency characteristics resulting from torque transfer through rolling traction. 

1 Nm
Starting Torque

Lower static friction as a result of bearing-like rolling characteristics, reducing the initial torque required.  


  • Archimedes Drive
  • Integrated Output Encoder
  • Installation Support
  • Available Q1 2022

Order the development kit by clicking the link below: