Industrial Robotics

In the fast-paced world of industrial robotics, precision and reliability are not just goals—they are imperatives. The Archimedes Drive stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled zero backlash and minimal lost motion, ideal for the delicate and precise operations in manufacturing and automation. Its advanced smooth traction design ensures steady and silent operation, reducing wear and tear on machinery and extending the lifespan of robotic systems.  


Articulated Robots

In the advanced landscape of articulated robot applications, where tasks demand high speed, precision, and complexity, the Archimedes Drive stands as a transformative technology. It is meticulously designed for scenarios where articulated robots undertake high-stakes operations.

Unmatched Precision: The Archimedes Drive's true zero backlash and lost motion less than 0.2 arcminutes enable articulated robots to execute tasks with extraordinary precision, significantly reducing errors and rework.

Optimized Efficiency: Operating at up to 90% efficiency, the drive minimizes energy dissipation through vibrations, heat, and noise, thus reducing operational costs while enhancing the quality of output.

Advanced Overtorque Protection: This essential safety feature prevents potential damage or failure in high-load situations, acting as a safeguard for both the robot and its intricate tasks, thus maintaining continuous operation without interruptions.

Quiet Operation: The drive operates at a noise level of only 50 dbA, comparable to a soft rainfall, making it conducive to environments where noise reduction is critical for operator comfort and communication.

Rapid Execution: With the capability of reaching speeds up to 8,000 rpm, it significantly increases the throughput of operations, enabling articulated robots to complete complex tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Increased Durability: The Archimedes Drive's design reduces wear on internal components, thus extending the drive's lifespan, lowering maintenance frequency, and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Seamless Control and Integration: The gear-free design ensures direct and smooth power transmission, allowing for precise and intuitive control over the robot's movements, critical in tasks requiring high levels of dexterity and accuracy.

Flexible Customization: The drive's continuous reduction ratios can be tailored to specific application requirements, fostering innovation and allowing for the development of unique solutions to complex challenges.

Enhanced Backdrivability: This feature is crucial in applications requiring high precision and speed, enabling easy manual adjustments or emergency interventions with minimal effort, thus ensuring safety and flexibility in operation.

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Delta Robots

With its zero-backlash and high precision, the Archimedes Drive is perfectly suited for these applications, ensuring rapid and accurate movements. Its gear-free design contributes to smooth operation, essential for the delicate and precise tasks handled by Delta robots.

Unbeatable precision thanks to its true zero backlash and lost motion <0.2 arcminutes. Less worry about tolerances and deviations, your delta robots can work with renewed accuracy.

90% efficiency means you waste less energy through vibrations, heat, and noise. This lowers your energy bill and improves the quality of your operations.

Overtorque protection keeps your application from suffering damage or critical failure in case of an overtorque. The drive enters a sliding regime if overtorqued, acting as a friction brake to create a safer environment.

Silent operation with a maximum noise level of 50.2 dbA creates a better working environment in your facilities. Your speed reducer won't be the main source of noise anymore.

Fast cycle times of up to 8,000 rpm enable higher capacities to be executed within the same time frame, increasing your delta robot's productivity.

Longer lifetime due to reduced wear on internal components decreases the need for maintenance and lowers your cost of spare parts, so you can do more with less.

Smooth controllability & transparency thanks to the smooth surface, gear-free design. The internal components are in constant tractive contact, translating the power directly between the input and output, saving you time spent on recalibrations.

Continuous reduction ratios that can be customized to your needs, no matter how odd the request. This way you can innovate outside the box.

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Collaborative Robots

Where co-bots work alongside humans in tasks ranging from assembly to quality control. The Archimedes Drive design is tailored for applications demanding utmost safety and precision, making it an ideal choice for environments requiring seamless human-robot interactions.  

Ultimate Precision: With true zero backlash and lost motion less than 0.2 arcminutes, the Archimedes Drive enables co-bots to perform tasks with exceptional accuracy, minimizing concerns over tolerances and deviations.

High Efficiency: Operating at up to 90% efficiency, it reduces energy loss through vibrations, heat, and noise, lowering operational costs and elevating the quality of work.

Overtorque Protection: This critical safety feature prevents damage or failure in overtorque situations, acting as a friction brake to protect both workers and machinery, ensuring a safer collaboration space.

Silent Operation: With a noise level capped at 50 dbA, it fosters a more comfortable working environment, akin to a soft rain.

Rapid Cycle Times: Capable of speeds up to 8,000 rpm, it allows for increased operational capacity within the same timeframe, boosting productivity.

Enhanced Durability: The reduction in wear on internal components extends the drive's lifespan, reducing maintenance needs and lowering spare parts costs.

Smooth Controllability & Transparency: The gear-free design ensures seamless power translation between input and output, facilitating precise control over co-bot movements.

Customizable Reduction Ratios: Tailored to meet specific application needs, it enables innovative solutions beyond conventional constraints.

Backdrivability: This feature is particularly beneficial in collaborative applications, allowing co-bots to be manually adjusted or moved with minimal effort, enhancing interaction safety and flexibility during tasks.

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Redefining speed reduction

The Archimedes Drive revolutionizes motion control through its innovative design. This unique gear-free mechanism ensures true zero backlash and minimal lost motion, offering exceptional accuracy and smoothness in operation. Coupled with its high efficiency and durability, the Archimedes Drive sets a new standard for drive systems across a variety of industries, making it a cornerstone technology for the future of precision engineering.





Product Specifications

Repeated torqueNm1525030015 - 500Nm
Maximum input speedrpm8,0008,00080008,000
Lost motionarcmin0.
Rotation radiusdegree270280infiniteinfinite
Weightkg11082 - 15

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