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Industrial Robotics

Unveiling a new era of precision, efficiency, and reliability: explore the unmatched potential of industrial robotics powered by the Archimedes Drive.

Reimagine Precision

Discover the epitome of mechanical advancement with the Archimedes Drive, as it propels the realm of industrial robotics into a new era of precision and efficiency. Our innovative technology seamlessly integrates with robotic systems, enhancing their performance and reliability. Embrace a future where the Archimedes Drive amplifies the capabilities of industrial robotics, paving the way for unparalleled operational excellence.


Lost motion
5 arc min
5 %
Noise level
100 dBA

Enhanced Precision in Automotive Manufacturing

The Archimedes Drive's precision and control redefine manufacturing robotics. It ensures accurate, repeatable movements, essential in operations such as welding and assembling. By reducing errors and enhancing consistency, it significantly cuts down production times and material waste, driving a substantial increase in overall manufacturing efficiency.

Optimized Performance in Electronics Assembly

In the fast-paced world of electronics assembly, the Archimedes Drive stands as a beacon of reliability and precision. Its integration within robotic systems facilitates the meticulous placement of tiny, delicate components swiftly and accurately. This heightened accuracy and speed translate to reduced operational costs and a faster time-to-market, positioning your business at the forefront of the competitive electronics industry.

Robust Operation in Harsh Industrial Environments

Industrial environments often pose challenges that demand robust solutions. The Archimedes Drive equips industrial robots with the resilience and reliability needed to operate in harsh, demanding conditions. Its unique design minimizes maintenance needs while ensuring consistent performance, making it a trustworthy companion in achieving operational continuity and long-term cost savings in rigorous industrial settings.

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Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges: The Archimedes Drive, a groundbreaking advancement in speed reducer technology, is purpose-built to significantly enhance factory automation capabilities. By harnessing its unique design and unparalleled precision, engineers and designers are empowered to explore novel design opportunities, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mechatronics. Whether it’s refining existing systems or pioneering entirely new applications, the Archimedes Drive stands as a beacon for innovation in the realm of advanced machinery and automation.

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