Matthew Corvers


In contrast to the other founders of the company I did not know from a young age that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I was always interested in technology and dreamed to contribute to the development of innovative products. Since I was especially fascinated by space I started my bachelor’s in aerospace engineering.


A thing that I did like to do from an early age was to organize events. It started with children’s discos at age 11 and ended with organizing big events for my study association. At age 16 I started working at a sailing school. Next to organizing activities for the evening games I also learned how to lead groups. Not only groups of children, but also groups of instructors and later on complete sailing camps. At a certain point I became assistant manager of the sailing school.

During my master’s at aerospace engineering, I wanted to find a way to combine my interest for innovative technologies with my management and leadership skills. I decided to follow courses for an entrepreneurship annotation. At one of these courses at YES!Delft I was able to meet the other founders and discover the potential of the Archimedes Drive. This is where the biggest adventure of my life started. At the moment of writing this story we are a couple of years down the road from this point and I still believe that the Archimedes Drive has the potential to make a significant impact on the world as we know I today.


-Matthew Corvers-

COO, Innovative Mechatronic Systems

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