Oussama El Echi


I am Oussama (30), I was born in a small city in north of Tunisia called Menzel Bouzelfa. I have been passionate about travelling and volunteering since an early age. I worked as a volunteer with multiple childhood associations for almost twelve years, as an animator, team builder, coach and camp director.


Engineering has always attracted me. Like most engineers, I had my own corner in the house where I could open and repair house appliances, I called it “my Tech-Lab”. This encouraged me to choose technology as my field of study. I have been focusing on this throughout high school and my engineering Bachelor degree. I graduated as an electro-mechanical engineer five years ago. I was convinced at that age that I needed to move, to have an international experiences and see things from a new perspective. I realized that as a young engineer, I should understand various types of industries and get to know the big picture of the engineering life from different corners of the world. I began my career as a product development engineer, in the automotive cable design. Some months later, I found myself in south of Brazil, working as an intern in a process engineering department within the friction material industry. 


Challenging? Yes, but these challenges pushed me to learn as much as I could in a short time. I realized that the process of learning was much more efficient when I was out of my comfort zone. This resulted in me not only improving my technical knowledge, but also learning things related to culture, such as mastering the Portuguese language. Those experiences opened new opportunities for me and I decided to go to a Brazilian university, to strengthen my skills with more academic knowledge related to manufacturing engineering.

Once completed, I moved back to North Africa, where I worked as a mechanical development engineer for a company which needed to extend their production line in Sau Paulo. This was again in the Automotive Industry. Months later, I found myself moving between Tunisia and Germany for another project in which I learned to speak German.


The passion of technology combined with my international experiences wouldn’t be efficient enough if it was not for my stronger management skills. Those skills where enhanced through the multiple Production, Quality and Process Management trainings I had. These where in India, conducted by the International Management Institution of New Delhi. My desire to broaden my knowledge kept me applying for more academic courses…

Meanwhile, while I was looking for another more challenging experience, I came across IMSystems. I knew this was the company where I wanted to be because of their desire to innovate and improve the world.


Being part of an engineering start-up in the Netherlands is a totally different experience for me and a wonderful opportunity. I have had the chance to work with a small engineering team since May 2018, where the innovation and technological challenges are as high as the team spirit. This also gave me the opportunity to learn, not only in term of technical skills but also in terms of the keys to success due the variety of topics that I can learn.

-Oussama El Echi-

assistent engineer

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