Introducing the DELTA-250 and DELTA-15 Archimedes Drive, representing the peak of compound planetary traction drive technology using traction force with high efficiency, high speed, and a low operation noise level. Tailored specifically for applications demanding precision and speed, such as Delta Robots. The DELTA-SERIES is in stock and ready for orders.

Highly accurate, High stiffness
Overtorque protection,
and available

Max output torque
6 Nm
Lost motion
5 arc.min
5 %
Noise level
100 dBA

Redefining Drive Precision - True Zero Backlash

The DELTA-SERIES is comprised of Flexrollers and traction force, enabling the drive to feature exceptional True Zero Backlash performance. This design ensures consistent and smooth operations, even at high rotational speeds, rendering it an optimal choice for precision-driven pick-and-place applications. Incorporating a DELTA Archimedes drive into your actuator enhances the precision of your application’s movements like never before.





Unparalleled performance

Repeated TorqueNm15250Custom
Maximum Input Speedrpm>8,000>8,000>8,000
Max. Lost motionarcmin0.20.20.2
Diameter mm72120Custom
Length mm60180Custom
Output Rotationdegree270270270


Delta Robots
Articulated Arms
Harsh Environment
Agricultural Robots
Industrial Robots

Torque and Efficiency

Our DELTA-SERIES comprises two variants with different nominal torques, each tailored to distinct application and construction requirements. 

  • The DELTA-250 and DELTA-15, boasting high torque power, is ideally suited for industrial robot applications.
  •  The DELTA-CUSTOM designed following your application in order to perfectly matches your application  

With a rotation capability of 270 degrees, the DELTA-SERIES drives emerge as ideal solutions for robots requiring high-speed and exceptionally precise movements.

What brings the DELTA-SERIES to Delta robots?


Make robot operations quieter and more agreeable for human workers.


Without backlash, robots are more precise than ever for highly exigent applications.

Control System

The robot control systems become simpler and more efficient.


Robots can handle various shocks and faulty moves.


Built upon the patented “compound planetary traction” mechanism, the Archimedes Drive represents a significant advancement in speed-reducer technology.

  • Flexrollers (planets) do not break in case of overtorque, shocks or vibrations, they just slip. For instance, our DELTA-15 model, with a nominal torque rating of 15Nm, can effectively operate up to 18Nm. Beyond this, the drive seamlessly transitions into a sliding regime that protects its inner mechanism.
  • This same Flexrollers technology allows the overall drives to become very stiff (>50Nm/arcmin).

The promises of
the Archimedes Drives

Equipped with our innovative Flexroller technology, Archimedes Drives delivers highly efficient, accurate performance while maintaining low operation noise levels and high speeds. Each drive is meticulously designed and assembled in-house, with ongoing efforts to enhance technology for peak performance.

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