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RoboBusiness is a premier event that showcases the latest advancements and trends in the field of robotics and automation. This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in understanding how robotics can revolutionize various aspects of business operations. From manufacturing and assembly to logistics and customer service, RoboBusiness provides a comprehensive overview of how robotic solutions can increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve safety, and enhance quality control in business environments.

Attending RoboBusiness is an opportunity to learn about the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in robotics, the concept of collaborative robots (cobots), and the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in creating interconnected robotic systems. It’s not just about understanding the technology, but also about exploring the products and services offered by RoboBusiness. With a range of offerings tailored to specific business needs, RoboBusiness is the perfect platform to discover how robotics can transform your business operations. So, join us at RoboBusiness and unlock the potential of robotic solutions for your business. See you there!

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The Archimedes Drive is a revolutionary speed reducer that uses an innovative transmission system to provide high precision and power density. It is an ideal solution for a range of applications, including robotics, industrial automation, and electric vehicles. The Archimedes Drive offers superior performance compared to traditional gearbox designs, with increased stiffness and efficiency, reduced noise and vibration, and improved reliability.

Visit our stand to learn more and experience the Archimedes Drive firsthand. Our range of demos allows you to see how stiff it is, feel how smooth it operates, and hear how silent it runs, all while controling it yourself!

The DELTA series of the Archimedes Drive is designed for use in high-speed, high-precision applications such as Delta robots. There is a last chance to purchase a development kit for the 15Nm version, and we have a limited quantity available to pre-order from our first batch of high-torque 250Nm model. Read all about it in our brochure below, or get in touch to see which model best fits your needs.

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Backlash Wear Over Time

The evolution of robotics and mechatronics necessitates precise motion control; the Archimedes Drive offers a revolutionary solution to backlash.

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Discover how the selection of a transmission drive can profoundly influence a system’s performance, efficiency, and longevity.

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A diverse selection of team members will be present to answer all your questions and introducing our products to you.

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The Archimedes Drive is a new traction-based speed reducer, engineered to outperform current systems on key aspects. Receive our brochure with all specifications and more..