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Discover the DELTA-250 Archimedes Drive, a pinnacle in compound planetary traction drive technology. Engineered specifically for applications demanding both high precision and rapid speeds.

Output torque
5 Nm
Lost motion
5 arc min
5 %
Noise level
100 dBA

Unparalleled performance

Repeated torque250Nm
Maximum input speed8,000rpm
Lost motion<0.2arcmin

Discover all specifications in our brochure:

Extreme Precision

Experience extreme precision with the DELTA-250. Its continuous tractive contact eliminates backlash and ensures outstanding stiffness, leading to unparalleled accuracy in operations.

Smooth & Silent

By eliminating gear teeth and utilizing continuous rolling contact, the design ensures an ultra-smooth operation accompanied by minimal noise.

Overload Protection

In the event of an overload or sudden shockload, the drive acts as a friction brake, safeguarding against catastrophic failure and bolstering its overall reliability.

High Speeds

With its bearing-like rolling properties, the drive achieves elevated operating speeds, adapting seamlessly to a range of applications.

Unparalleled Efficiency

The DELTA-250, with its distinctive rolling attributes, reduces internal friction akin to a bearing, optimizing performance and efficiency.

Redefining speed reduction

Built upon the patented “compound planetary traction” mechanism, the Archimedes Drive represents a significant advancement in speed reducer technology. Its design ensures consistent and smooth operations, even at high rotational speeds, making it an optimal choice for precision-driven pick-and-place applications.

The DELTA-250, embodying this sophisticated technology, is now in active production and available for preorders. With each acquisition, we provide thorough product support tailored to the needs of mechanical design engineers. Our specialized team stands ready to assist in integration, calibration, and testing, ensuring the Archimedes Drive integrates seamlessly into your design projects.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges: The Archimedes Drive, a groundbreaking advancement in speed reducer technology, is purpose-built to significantly enhance factory automation capabilities. By harnessing its unique design and unparalleled precision, engineers and designers are empowered to explore novel design opportunities, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mechatronics. Whether it’s refining existing systems or pioneering entirely new applications, the Archimedes Drive stands as a beacon for innovation in the realm of advanced machinery and automation.

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