Thibaud Verschoor


My drive to be on the forefront of innovation has led me to co-found IMSystems. I have a love for technology and believe that new innovations can drastically alter our world for the better. Prior to IMSystems I gained experience in mutiple fields, which have helped me grow to my current position. Throughout my upbringing I lived around world, coming into contact with different cultures. During which, I attended international school and received my international baccalaureate. I then attended the Delft University of Technology, where I received my bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. During my bachelor curriculum, I was managing a group of nine other students as we developed a mission to Mars, for which we received international recognition.


At the end of my bachelors I gained professional experience with an internship at BorgWarner, an automotive powertrain product supplier. I was tasked to improve their assembly efficiency and witnessed first-hand, the power of large scale automation.
After a successful completion, I then attended Delft University of Technology again to complete my master’s degree in flight performance and propulsion, specializing in aircraft and rocket turbomachinery.

This led me to my second internship, at SpaceX. I was part of the turbo-pump group in their propulsion division. Working there taught me the fundamentals of how to succeed as a high-tech start-up. My internship ended on a high note, as I was present for their first successful rocket landing. 
When I returned to my studies I came into contact with the Archimedes Drive. Knowing the challenges in automation regarding the actuators, I knew that this innovation could make a great impact. That is why, together with the other founders, we started IMSystems. With my prior experiences I helped get this technology from the drawing board to becoming the product that it is today.


-Thibaud Verschoor-
CCO, Innovative Mechatronic Systems

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