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We do not follow revolutions
We make them Possible
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Our Mission

We want to revolutionize what is achievable with drive technology, greatly improving current systems and opening new possibilities.

Looking at history, almost every major technological advancement, was a result of a fundamental improvement in the way we were able to transfer power. With this improvement becoming the backbone of that revolution. 

We see our solution as that, making the next technological revolution possible.  

Opening a New Door

Our technology enables robots to operate smoothly with higher efficiency and precision, increasing the robot’s production throughput while reducing the energy consumption. In addition, the drive’s inherent mechanical transparency results in smooth controllability. These advantages, combined, give our customers the opportunity to tackle new fields in automation.

Meet the Team


Founder | Inventor | CEO

Thibaud Verschoor

Co-Founder | Head of Product

Matthew Corvers

Co-Founder | Head of Production

rory deen

Co-Founder | CFO

Alfons Schure


Job Neven

Mechanical R&D Engineer

John Tan

Mechanical Design Engineer


Mechanical R&D Engineer


Office Manager