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North Dakota Farm to Robotic Arm


As a child, Jack spent time fixing defunct agricultural equipment (fun) and lugging hay bales (less so). It was the latter that made him see how automation might be a force for good and Jack was inspired to enter the field of bionics and advanced prosthetics.

The speed reducer problem

Jack’s quest to create mechanisms to boost human strength was thwarted by one problem: actuators, also known as speed reducers. 
These critical components have been driving countless innovations for centuries. But developments in gear technology have stagnated and even the best custom actuators fail to match the power-to-volume ratio of the human body. 

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Our mission

Today based in robotics incubator, Robovalley, the growing team is gearing up for the manufacture of Archimedes Drive. This revolutionary new technology which will be crucial for high precision next generation robots, as well as many more mechatronic applications.


Founder | Inventor | CEO

Thibaud Verschoor

Co-Founder | Head of Product

Matthew Corvers

Co-Founder | Head of Production

rory deen

Co-Founder | CFO

Alfons Schure


Job Neven

Mechanical R&D Engineer

John Tan

Mechanical Design Engineer


Mechanical R&D Engineer