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High precision speed reducer revolutionizing the industry.

Experience unprecedented precision, efficiency, zero backlash with the groundbreaking Archimedes Drive technology.

Introducing the Archimedes Drive

The Archimedes Drive is a groundbreaking technology that surpasses traditional speed reducers in performance, precision, and efficiency. Discover how our innovative design revolutionizes the industry and brings unparalleled advantages to your applications.

Extreme Accuracy

Having continuous tractive contact removes backlash and makes the drive incredibly stiff. This results in best-in-class accuracy.

Overload Protection

If overloaded (high instantaneous shock-load), the drive acts as a friction break until the torque returns to the operating regime.

Unparalleled Efficiency

The drive’s rolling characteristics resemble that of a bearing. This results in similarly low internal friction, increasing efficiency.

Archimedes Drive

The Archimedes Drive is a new traction-based speed reducer, engineered to outperform current systems on key aspects. It combines two working principles.

These are the ‘compound planetary principle’ (also known as a Wolfrom drive) and traction rollers. These two principles form the patented theory at the core of the Archimedes Drive, named the ‘compound planetary traction drive’.

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Controllable, incredible precise movements

Low starting and back-drive torque

True zero backlash 

Inherent over-torque protection

Wide range of reduction ratios

Quiet and efficient (>90%) 


Archimedes Drive is the first major transmission revolution in over half a century, greatly improving the world of mechatronic applications. Discover all specifications in our brochure.

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Repeated torqueNm15
Maximum input speedrpm8,000
Lost motionarcmin<0.2

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Solutions for new innovations

The Archimedes Drive has been specifically designed to increase the capabilities of factory automation equipment and to open up new design opportunities for a multitude of new applications. 


With the first commercial product, the Archimedes Drive Development Kit (DFB), IMSystems wants to showcase the performance of the technology. Allowing customers to experience its ground-breaking features first-hand. 

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