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Archimedes Drive

Zero-Backlash, High-Precision Speed Reducers for Mechatronics

The Archimedes Drive revolutionizes the world of speed reducers with its true zero-backlash technology. Experience unparalleled precision, accuracy, and efficiency tailored for advanced mechatronic applications.


Discover the innovation behind the Archimedes Drive: a compound planetary friction drive. This distinctive configuration ensures unparalleled accuracy and transparent controls, setting a new standard in drive technology.


Introducing the Archimedes Drive DELTA series, now available for purchase. Catering to diverse requirements, our series offers multiple torque ranges, each boasting an impressive lost motion of less than 0.2 arc. min.

Archimedes Drive

DELTA-250 now available

Experience a new era of precision with the DELTA-250’s planetary traction setup. Its continuous rolling contact surfaces ensure effortless control and unparalleled accuracy in operations.

Leveraging compound technology, the Archimedes Drive can be tailored to a wide range of reduction ratios, all while maintaining exceptional torsional stiffness. The DELTA-250 offers a 250Nm nominal output torque, a 90% efficiency and less than 0.2 arc. sec. of lost motion. 


Discover how the selection of a transmission drive can profoundly influence a system’s performance, efficiency, and longevity.

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Noise in Robotics

In the fast-paced world of Industry 4.0, industrial robotics have become a vital cog in manufacturing processes and the relation with human workers

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Increase Efficiency

As energy prices heavily fluctuate and resources become more scarce, efforts have to be made towards the usage of renewable resources and reduction in energy consumption

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Powering the Future of Technological Advancements

Historically, major technological leaps have stemmed from groundbreaking advancements in power transfer. At IMSystems, we believe the Archimedes Drive is the catalyst for the next wave of innovation.

Empowered by a blend of ingenious product solutions and a passionate team, we’re not just creating state-of-the-art drives; we’re partnering with engineers to shape the future of mechatronic applications. Our mission? To be the driving force behind tomorrow’s innovations.


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Elevating Mechatronic Standards

For the discerning innovator, the Archimedes Drive presents a paradigm shift in speed reducer technology. Its planetary traction setup, underpinned by continuous rolling contact surfaces, ensures exceptional stiffness—a critical factor in precision applications. Experience minimal lost motion, a testament to the drive’s design accuracy, coupled with the capability to handle high input speeds. Dive into the technical intricacies and explore how the Archimedes Drive can be a transformative element in your next mechatronic design project.

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