Equipped with our innovative Flexroller technology, Archimedes Drives delivers true zero backlash, highly efficient, accurate performance while maintaining low operation noise levels and high speeds. Each drive is meticulously designed and assembled in-house, with ongoing efforts to enhance technology for peak performance.

Unparalleled performance

Repeated torqueNm152502501 - 500751 - 500
Maximum Input Speedrpm>8,000>8,000>8,000>8,000>8,000>8,000
Max. Lost Motionarcmin0.
Output Rotationdegree270270continuouscontinuouscontinuouscontinuous

Enhanced Precision

The backlash-free design of the Archimedes Drive significantly enhances movement accuracy.


The drive's backdrivability and overtorque protection absorb shocks and incorrect movement.

Overtorque Protection

Sliding regime in case of exceeding nominal torque without noteworthy damages.


Its quiet operation makes the mechanism more suitable for human interaction.


Its transparency simplifies the control system, requiring fewer algorithm calculations and sensors.


Introducing the DELTA-SERIES Archimedes Drive, the leading edge in compound planetary traction drive technology. The DELTA-SERIES stands out for its exceptional smooth control, maintaining performance even under harsh conditions.

With a stiffness rating up to 18 times greater than other drive technologies, it ensures highly controlled movements and enhanced accuracy. This series provide optimal solutions for robots needing high-speed and precise movements.

Industrial Robots
Parallel-Delta Robots
Harsh Environment
Industrial Robots


The EPSILON-SERIES is meticulously engineered for continuous rotation, and designed to meet the rigorous demands of precision, speed, and ongoing operation in high demanding robotics applications. Each unit features a hollow shaft, offering customizable options to suit specific needs.

This series is known for its reliable performance and robustness. It excels in stiffness and efficiency, while operating quietly, making it versatile across various applications.


The SYNOVIAL Archimedes Drive is a lightweight, high-torque-density solution tailored for applications that demand high precision and minimal weight. This series prioritizes compactness and seamless integration, featuring small dimensions, a lightweight design, and an integrated motor for straightforward implementation. The SYNOVIAL-SERIES is ideally suited for projects requiring exceptional precision in unpredictable environments.

Humanoid Robots
Medical Robotics


Our component set features our Archimede Drive technology without the housing, focusing solely on our core technology. This approach allows you to integrate existing components seamlessly, offering faster diversity in terms of torque and gear ratios. With this option, you can have an Archimedes Drive solution tailored specifically to your application, ensuring easier integration into your project. The component set is also more efficient in terms of size, weight, and cost.

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